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Posts by Nadia Fleury

Discover the SECRET to Smooth, Clean, Skin!

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Beauty starts within. How you feel about your skin is an inner state of mind. How you treat your skin has a lot to do with how you feel about yourself. I was brought up on welfare, where quality products were for others, not for us. I assumed we didn’t deserve them because our family…

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Why do we fear chemicals?

fear, natural, chemical, mindset, beauty, skin, care, skincare, cream

Why do we fear chemicals? In recent years, there has been a growing trend where people are becoming more concerned with chemicals, especially when it’s about what is in their food and beauty products. It made me wonder:  “where does the fear of chemicals come from?” As I dove into that question, I realized ignorance…

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What Does Natural Skincare Mean?

What Does Natural Skincare Mean? There’s a huge trend promoting natural skincare. Many choose to go this route expecting a safer and gentler approach to skincare. The reality is that the word “natural” describes the ingredient’s source, stipulating that it comes from a plant. It has nothing to do with safety or effectiveness. Beyond that,…

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Hype About Parabens: Fact or Fiction?

  What Are Parabens? Chances are by now you may have heard the name paraben pop up when searching for new cosmetics or skin care products but like many may be uncertain as to what this ingredient is and what it may do. Parabens are a commonly used ingredient found in cosmetics, skin care and…

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