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Why Dermesence Perfection?

After spending most of my life feeling self-conscious about my oily, acne-prone skin, I decided to do something about it.

Step 1 — Control excess shine

No matter where I went, I felt self-conscious, always wondering if I looked presentable.  So my first focus was to look at mattifying ingredients.


Step 2 — How to keep the makeup where it's supposed to be?

That is on your face, not on your phone. There lies the trick. A mattifying cream that not only controls shine but also prevents the makeup from smudging.

Matte-Finish your skin after sunscreen application.

Dermesence Perfection Cream also mattifies sunscreen which is great when you want to show off your beautiful skin in outing events.  Now, this is something!

Dreaming of smooth skin without irritation

As the formulator, I decide to go beyond by preventing breakouts from occurring, without stinging or drying the skin.

Say goodbye to enlarged pores too!

Oh yes, baby!!!  What about a cream that shields and protects your skin, preventing clogged pores.

Detox your skin day and night

Kaolin clay is a powerful detoxifying ingredient often found in a mask. However, I struggled to keep up with the “apply-wait-rinse” routine, always postponing it to another day. With this cream no need to rinse.

A shield from pollution

The 7-antioxidants included in this cream also protect your skin from pollution.

Formulation Process

Growing up on farmland and understanding the therapeutic properties of natural ingredients, I was instinctively attracted to using plant extracts.

However, as a chemist, I was mindful of creating a safe, stable, and effective product. I chose to give Mother Nature a helping hand. So I selected both naturally-derived and synthetic ingredients, focusing on the ones that were tested, backed by science, and proven for their efficacy in dealing with troubled skin.

I spent countless hours formulating from the heart, using the best ingredients that were based on true science, not marketing hype.

Dermesence Perfection Cream is an oil-free,  Pore Purifying, Brightening, Matte-Finish Primer that acts as an Invisible Leave-On Mask. Although it was originally designed for oily skin, this cream can be used on all skin types and can be easily incorporated into your usual routine as a shield against pollution. It’s also easy to use.  You put in on and you're done!

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In Stock | Free delivery in the USA 


In Stock | Free delivery in the USA 

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