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Dermesence Perfection

Oil-free, Matte-Finish Primer

7-in-1 Matte Finish Primer with Kaolin Clay

Removes shine without over-drying

Prevents makeup from smudging

Reduces the appearance of enlarged pores

Minimizes pimples and blackheads

Reduces itchiness and skin irritation

 Protects the skin against pollution

Strengthens skin's natural defense system

 Travel Size

Regular Size

8 ml DPC 01-03-21
DPC Benefits 01-02-21
22 ml DPC


In Stock | Free delivery in the USA 


In Stock | Free delivery in the USA 

Rabbit 11-17-20 No BG
No Parabens
No Solvent Alcohols
No Mineral Oil
No Propylene Glycol
Talc Free
Dermatologist-tested, safe & non-irritant
Dermatologist-tested, safe & non-irritant
  • Dermesence Perfection: Non-greasy formula made for oily sensitive skin. Mattifies without over-drying.
  • Dermesence Clean: Soothing plant extracts with natural salicylic acid, penetrating to unclog pores, re-moves impurities, and minimizes the appearance of enlarged pores.
  • Dermesence Easy: The invisible for-mula can be used day and night. No need to wait, rinse or peel. Just apply and go, fitting perfectly into your active schedule.
  • Dermesence Promise: If for any reason you are not satisfied, return the product within 30-Day for a full refund.
Made In USA 200









“My skin used to be so unpredictable.  It seems the more I worried, the worse it got. Since I started using Dermesence Perfection Cream, I wake up to soft beautiful skin. What I love most; it’s invisible. I use it as a makeup primer too as it helps reduces the shine.  I simply love this cream!”

Sandra B., Miami FL

"What I love most about this product is it keeps impurities from penetrating into my pores. I no longer worry. I know my skin is protected.”

Pete S., Los Angeles, CA

“Dermesence Perfection Cream has become part of my favorite night-time ritual. Before using this product, my skin was oily in certain areas and dry in others. I could never find one product that could address both skin conditions at the same time. I use it at night as a leave-on mask and I love how it leaves my skin feeling smooth.”

Chandra L., Marietta, GA

"I travel a lot, and my skin looked dull.  I was looking for something easy to use that would boost radiance. This cream does more than that, it keeps my pores clean and my skin soft and smooth."

Cassie H., Porter, FL

“I work out a lot and the sweat tends to clog my pores. Since I started using Dermesence Perfection Cream, I feel my skin looks cleaner and brighter.”

Robert C., Hendersonville, TN

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