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Dermesence Perfection

Matte Finish Primer for Clear, Smooth, Radiant Skin!

Oil-free, Pore-Purifying

Nighttime Invisible Leave-on Mask

combo | oily | acne-prone | sensitive skin

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Pain Point without DPC 05-20-21

Dermesence's Secret

Addressing the root cause of oily skin using an infusion of

Antioxidants and Minerals


A skin-soothing plant with anti-oxidant properties that purifies and clears congested pores while reducing excess oil production.

Salix Alba

Natural astringent that contains natural salicylic acid, known to gently exfoliate the skin, re-move impurities, and minimize clogged pores.

Caffeic Acid

A calming and nurturing molecule that protects and repairs the skin reducing skin irritation and redness.

Refined Kaolin Clay

A naturally occurring mineral that absorbs excess oil while drawing out impurities. Pro-mote clean, smooth skin.

Gentle Cream safe 09-25-20 560

Clean – Gentle – Safe

Effective Formula

Licorice Root Extract

A potent skin-soothing anti-oxidant that provides natural hyaluronic acid to protect the skin against collagen degrada-tion and reduce skin redness.

Canadian Willowherb

A plant extract with antioxidant properties that prevent clogged pores, reduce skin redness, and soothe irritated skin.


Zinc PCA

A potent mineral with anti-microbial properties that de-creases oil production while keeping the skin smooth and moisturized.

Green Tea

Potent antioxidant with anti-aging properties using epigal-locatechin gallate (EGCG) which keeps the skin smooth, hy-drated, and healthy-looking. 

Apply Dermesence

Easy to use.

Apply as needed on cleaned &

moisturized skin.

No need to wait or rinse.

 Travel Size

Regular Size

8 ml DPC 01-03-21
DPC Benefits 04-17-21
22 ml DPC


In Stock | Free delivery in the USA 


In Stock | Free delivery in the USA 

Cruelty Free
No Parabens
No Solvent Alcohol
No Mineral Oil
No Parabens
Talc Free
Dermatologist-tested, safe & non-irritant
Dermatologist-tested, safe & non-irritant

Dermesence Clean

We create clean, gentle & safe products that are scientifically sound and cruelty-free.

Dermesence Confidence

Boost your confidence and be shine-free throughout the day with peace of mind.

Dermesence Promise

Our mission is to focus on multifunctional and effective formulas to minimize carbon footprint.

Made In USA 200









“My skin used to be so unpredictable.  It seems the more I worried, the worse it got. Since I started using Dermesence Perfection Cream, I wake up to soft, beautiful skin. What I love most; it’s invisible. I use it as a makeup primer too as it helps reduces the shine.  I simply love this cream!”

Sandra B., Miami FL

"What I love most about this product is it keeps impurities from penetrating into my pores. I no longer worry. I know my skin is protected.”

Pete S., Los Angeles, CA

“Dermesence Perfection Cream has become part of my favorite night-time ritual. Before using this product, my skin was oily in certain areas and dry in others. I could never find one product that could address both skin conditions at the same time. I use it at night as a leave-on mask and I love how it leaves my skin feeling smooth.”

Chandra L., Marietta, GA

"I travel a lot, and my skin looked dull.  I was looking for something easy to use that would boost radiance. This cream does more than that, it keeps my pores clean and my skin soft and smooth."

Cassie H., Porter, FL

“I work out a lot and the sweat tends to clog my pores. Since I started using Dermesence Perfection Cream, I feel my skin looks cleaner and brighter.”

Robert C., Hendersonville, TN

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