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What if? 

For years, I've been on a quest to find the perfect cream. I was looking for a product that would address my frustrations in dealing with my oily, sensitive skin. 

What if I could control excess shine?

The first thing I looked for was a product that would control excess shine. No matter where I went, I felt self-conscious, always wondering if I looked presentable.


What if it prevented my makeup from smudging?

So my main wish was to find a mattifying cream that could control shine and prevent my makeup from smudging.

What if I could smooth my skin in a soothing way, without causing more irritation?

Because my skin was prone to pore congestion, I wondered whether this cream could purify my skin without stinging it or drying it out.

What if I could do something about my enlarged pores?

I also wondered whether this cream could shield and protect my skin during the day, so that I could apply my makeup without being concerned about clogged pores. 

What if I could shield my skin from pollution?

Knowing that oily skin is genetic, I knew one of the best ways to keep my skin in balance was to boost my complexion with specific antioxidants. The antioxidants would withstand the harsh reality that no matter where I went, excess oil, pollution, and UV radiation will always be a cause for concern. 

What if I could protect and detox my skin day and night?

Kaolin clay is a powerful detoxifying ingredient often found in a mask. However, I struggled to keep up with the “apply-wait-rinse” routine, always postponing it to another day. But what if this cream could be used day and night?

I looked in vain to find this unique product. Then a light bulb went off. I thought, "If it doesn’t exist, let’s create it." 

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Formulation Process 

Growing up on farmland in the country and understanding the therapeutic properties of natural ingredients, I was instinctively attracted to using plant extracts. 

However, I was also mindful of creating a safe, stable, and effective product. I chose to give Mother Nature a helping hand. So I selected both naturally-derived and synthetic ingredients, focusing on the ones that were tested, backed by science, and proven for their efficacy in dealing with troubled skin.

I spent countless hours formulating from the heart, using the best ingredients that were based on true science, not marketing hype.

Dermesence Perfection Cream is an oil-free, invisible leave-on mask that acts as a pore purifying, brightening, mattifying primer. Although it was originally designed for oily skin, this cream can be used on all skin types and can be easily incorporated into your usual routine as a shield against pollution. It’s also easy to use.  You just apply and go!

Hi, I'm Nadia!

Over five years ago, I quit my high-paying job to fulfill my dream of owning a skincare business.  

At my core, I was seeking emotional and financial freedom.

Curious to know why it took so long to find happiness?

What Does Natural Skincare Mean?

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