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Why Do We Fear Chemicals?

Love, Mindset, beauty, natural, chemical, chemistry, healthy, science, skincare

Longing to be with nature.

The popularity of natural skincare, as well as the food industry, increased as many sought a safer and gentler approach. At our core, what we’re longing for most is to reconnect with roots. 

Some of us fear chemicals and science as a whole because we feel disconnected in a sterile environment.  It gives us an unfriendly sensation. We feel closer to and love being in natural environments.

Natural evokes in us the sense of endless pleasure.

It brings to mind our feel-good memories when there was no stress or worry. We could swing all afternoon outside or pull carrots from the ground, rub the dirt off with your hands and simply eat it.  

Chemistry is an inherent part of nature.

Sometimes, Mother Nature has a mind of her own,  releasing storms and heavy rain. Or she gets creative, creating little pests called germs which can harm us. We know she means well regardless of her outbursts. She’s just doing a balancing act between all ecosystems.

The rise of science and chemistry came when people were triggered by something and sought to improve their life.  For instance, silicone gives a luxurious feel to many skincare creams and provides an oil-free flawless makeup foundation.

Scientist weighs on an old pharmacy scales

Understanding your emotional triggers.

My aim is to elicit awareness so that you understand the emotional triggers as to why you buy-in on certain things and not on others. 

In this eBook you will discover...

Where does the fear of chemical come from?

What science means?

What is a chemical?

Why artificial or man-made product exist?

Are man-made chemicals dangerous for our health?

Love, Mindset, beauty, natural, chemical, chemistry, healthy, science, skincare

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