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All-Natural Skin Care: Is it the solution?

Selecting The Best

When selecting a new skin care product it is important to choose a formula that is not only safe but also effective. Skin care issues can worsen with harsh additives and poorly researched ingredients that may cause more harm than good. By selecting expertly researched formulas that offer proven benefits, you can be sure that you are using the best skin care products on the market today!

In the effort to eradicate skin care issues such as excess oil or dryness, one may turn to all-natural formulas expecting a gentle, safe solution but that is not always the result.

All-natural ingredients and formulas can be just as irritating and harmful as some synthetic ingredients that are much more carefully avoided.

In truth, whether an ingredient is synthesized or natural has little to do with it’s effectiveness or gentle nature.

Science Mimicking Nature

Over the years the all-natural movement has rapidly grown, giving way to a multimillion dollar market focused on natural and organic products. An abundance of nature-made ingredients and products have become popular in cosmetics, home cleaning solutions and more.

But while the all-natural movement has exploded, scientifically developed products and ingredients have started to gain a negative reputation causing many consumers to avoid products that contain synthetic ingredients all together.

In truth, many synthesized ingredients have been proven to be quite beneficial and safe. Ingredients such as green tea which aids the skin in UV protection and collagen retention must actually be altered to reach it’s full potential. Epigallocatechin-3-gallate or ECGC, is the beneficial compound in green tea which must be extracted to be truly effective. This process is technically a synthesized alteration even though the ingredient is derived from nature.

Other ingredients in skincare such as peptides and vitamin E are synthesized for various reasons but are actually molecularly identical to their natural counterparts. These ingredients are considered nature-identical and the body can detect no difference between the organic or synthetic matter. The body reacts the same to the molecule regardless of where it may be derived from.

Improving Quality

Science is a wonderful tool that can be used to improve the quality of a number of products such as in skin care formulas. Synthetic parabens similar to those found in blueberries and carrots, are added to formulas to prohibit the growth of bacteria and fungus. These tiny molecules are found in over 600 plants in nature but have been avoided by many consumers do to rumors and bad marketing. In reality parabens ensure the safety and quality of the formulas they are added to, making the products that contain them safer and more hygienic. (For more on Parabens be sure to check https://avesence.com/parabens/

Synthesized ingredients can also assist in eliminating some harmful side-effects of natural ingredients such as fragrances and essential oils. By removing the irritating components that can cause allergies the altered product becomes more beneficial and safer to use.

Marketing and No’s

Many skincare lines sadly resort to fear-based marketing to sell their products. Companies often label products with “no’s” and “free of” certain ingredients to boost sales. These labels often times mislead  the consumer to believe that it is safer than others and also implies that the ingredient it has restricted is in someway harmful.

Parabens, silicone and sulfate are all are widely marketed against with a number of products boasting that they are “free” of such additives. Like parabens, both silicone and sulfate are not only safe but are extremely beneficial to many formulas in skincare and other products. Sulfate is an ingredient widely used to bridge oil and water together, making formulas more effective and soluble. Silicone is simply a synthetic ingredient that companies began targeting against for higher sales although there is no research supporting that it has any negative side-effects on skin.

Be sure to avoid products that utilize fear-based advertising techniques instead of promoting the ingredients they do contain. A well-made product will be forthcoming with their ingredients and the effectiveness of their results.

Balance And Research

Science and nature has provided many powerful ingredients to assist in correcting skincare issues and improve the skin's overall health! Because valuable ingredients are found in both synthetic and organic varieties, choosing a skin care product that offers a mix of organic, all natural, and synthesized ingredients will offer the best overall results.

When a product utilizes both natural and synthetic ingredients, the formula is less restricted and can provide much more powerful benefits and results. A well rounded and researched product will always provide the greatest quality.

Avesence is a mindful and transparent skin care line that utilizes only the best ingredients found in both the lab and in nature to provide the most powerful results. Designed specifically for sensitive skin, each ingredient has been carefully tested and selected by Nadia Fleury, Chemist and Creator of Avesence®. Authentic, safe, and effective be sure to try our luxury skincare products that you can truly rely on and trust.

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