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Is your skin ready for Halloween?

I remember, as a kid growing up in the seventies that I couldn’t wait for Halloween.  It was a day where looking scary and ridiculous was part of the fun. However, costumes and makeup were not as abundant as they are today.  You had to be very creative to win the prize for best costume.

Thriving time for makeup artists

What a difference time makes!  The entertainment industry has brought so many possibilities when it comes to artistic innovation.  Halloween is now a time where makeup artists thrive in doing special effects using all sorts of props and makeup.

Priming your skin for long-lasting makeup

Makeup artists will vouch that creating great art starts with a fresh, clean canvas, which is our skin.  One of the trickiest parts is the condition of our skin.  The autumn changes in the weather, mixed with air and pollution, can affect our skin tremendously.  Some will have oilier skin; others will have dryer skin or some combination of both.

How to achieve healthy-looking skin?

Washing and moisturizing your face twice a day is key to healthy-looking skin.  You may also choose to do a gentle exfoliation of your skin a few days before “makeup day.”

Practice ahead of time to avoid skin irritation

A few years ago, I purchased a Frankenstein costume thinking I would look very cool and scary.  I underestimated the talent required to do the makeup and had to wash my face a few times resulting in a lot of skin irritation. I have learned since to practice ahead of time.

A few tips you should know before Halloween:

  • Plan ahead so that you have all your props, makeup, and accessories.
  • Practice your makeup routine or hire a makeup artist.
  • Be gentle around the eye area.
  • Keep your body and skin hydrated.
  • Use a moisturizer appropriate for your skin type.
  • Be mindful of the quality of the makeup you’re buying.

The dreaded clogged pores!

What is not so fun is the consequence of Halloween makeup, especially in terms of clogged pores.  If you have oily skin and use discount-store-quality makeup, you know what I mean.

Experience Smooth, Clean, Vibrant Skin Every Day!

It is now possible to experience smooth, clean, vibrant skin every day with Dermesence Perfection Cream.  It’s a non-greasy, makeup primer that keeps your pores clean and protected while preventing your makeup from smudging or smearing.


It works for all skin types, especially sensitive skin.  We do not use any skin irritants in our facial cream so that you can care for your skin in a natural, healthy way.

About the author, Nadia

Nadia Fleury is a French-Canadian entrepreneur, life strategist, and chemist who founded Avesence, a skincare line promoting healthy, radiant-looking skin using potent skincare formulations.

Looking beyond marketing hype and understanding that beauty is more about how you feel inside, Nadia delved into alchemy, mixing science, with self-awareness, and spiritual awakening, eliciting inner-transformation and bringing forth your true beauty from within.

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